Tips to rank your Keywords in first page

Top Ranking

There are two different method to rank your keyword

  1. ON Page optimization
  2. OFF Page optimization

ON Page optimization

ON page optimization is the pre building method that use to optimize inside the web page, content, image, keywords etc.

Some of the ON Page optimize techniques are

  1. Meta Tags
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Console (Webmaster techniques)
  4. sitemaps
  5. Robots.txt
  6. Canonical tags
  7. page redirects
  8. Now a days google not consider meta keywords. But need to analyse our target keywords.
  9. URL optimization

Main factor of keyword ranking is depends on ON page optimization.
After sound full optimization of ON page. Now we go for off page optimization. We Webappi will rank your site in first page.

OFF Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the method of optimize the page by submitting our site links to other pages. We need to analyse our target keywords then go for

  1. Link Building (Directory, Social Bookmarking, Search Engine Submission)
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Article Submission
  4. Forum posting
  5. Video Submission
  6. Document Submission
  7. Photo sharing
  8. Infographics
  9. Local Listing
  10. Business Listing
  11. Classifieds
  12. Q&A

Note: We need to submit in high page ranking site and do follow sites. If all are working fine, then we will get good backlinks. That will increase your site rank.

Social Media optimization is also part of SEO, It will increase traffic to our site.

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